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~~Open Arms~~, CADDPal Finder Form

Hello Friends! ~~Open Arms~~, is a new project that CADD has started to introduce a buddy system called CADDPals. When you fill out the following form, you will be matched up with a CADDpal, through age and location. There are many supportive outlets on the net, and in your own town, but I felt having that special friend, who knows what you are experiencing, would be a nice, more personalized way of dealing with grief and lonliness. Your CADDPal will be your shoulder to lean on in bad times, and one of the first people you'll want to share things with. I hope this will be a rewarding experience for all. Please let me know how it is going for you, and look for more ~~Open Arms~~ happenings in the near future!

Q 1 : What is your first name, and your nickname in chat?

Q 2 : What is your email address?

Q 3 : When is your birthday? {please specify year too}

Q 4 : Do you belong to an organization or webring? If so, what are the names?

Q 5 : What unfortunate circumstances led you to CADD?

Q 6 : Would you prefer a male or female CADDPal?

Q 7 : Do you vow to support your CADDpal, and be available to them when they need to talk?