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Love For A Lifetime

Baby, this page is dedicated to you in regards to "OUR" love! No man in my lifetime has EVER had the ability to capture my heart as you have. From the day we met, { February 19, 1998 }, till today, you continue to amaze me with your sincerity, intelligence, humor, constant care, and loving ways! Shall I mention your sneaky ways of completely arousing ALL my senses too? 8o) Come back to YOUR page every now and then, cause I will have a surprise or two waiting each time you come! I Love You, Lawrence Newberry!

My Baby! Isn't he handsome!!!

My future husband!!!

Our Love

Loving you was my destiny that just became clear, when I found you that night, just sitting there. Mere words turned the key to the lock of our hearts. Little did we know, it would hurt to be apart. That word LOVE is so easily used, but, within you and I It is never abused. It's the magic we discovered each time we met. The emotions that flourished, as close as we could get. Lawrence, it's you that made my dream alive. Only you can make each day one to thrive.

My Diary To My Future Husband

Baby, I want to begin writing to you everyday, vocalizing my feelings, sharing my daily experiences, and simply showing you I am here for you. This will benefit you because it is permanent and you can come see it anytime. For me, it will be a way of feeling close to you when we are apart. I love you!

March 1, 1998~~Sunday~~11:25PM

Hi hun! It was so good to hear your voice earlier this evening! I can't wait to talk to you in an hour and 35 minutes! Today started out bad, but, I got out with Brittany. Did food shopping and some cleaning. That made me feel somewhat better. In fact, as of now, I feel great, optimistic about my check tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed! Well, gonna go for now, wanna eat something. Too bad you weren't here! LOL I LOVE YOU HUN! HUGS See ya soon!

May 21, 1998~~Thursday~~11:04PM

Hi Baby! WOW! It has been way too long since I added anything to this page! So much has happened since I created this..Let's see..For one, we have met in person and reestablished the love we have for eachother. You are truly the best thing that has happened to me. You have brightened my spirits and motivated me to bring out my good qualities, ones I thought I had lost forever due to depression. As of last week, we finally got a home of our own. Living with you has been beautiful, exciting, and quite sexual. LOL Seriously though, I am looking forward to our future with eachother, as a married couple, and OUR two children, Billy and Brittany. Thanks for being you hun! Love ya lots!

June 1, 1998~~Monday~~9:32AM

Mornin, Sweetie! I've got to tell ya, it has been a trying week for us! I have created alot of static for you and I am truly sorry... I love you, Lawrence and I am learning, little by little, how a man can be honest and caring and still love me! That sounds like I don't trust you, but it's more about being insecure with me... Please trust that in time I will get through this..In the meantime, I will continue to provemy love for you and treat you like the king that you are! Talk to ya soon! Love ya lots!