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M.O.M.S.~~Mending Other Mothers' Spirits

Hello! My name is Lisa, and I created this page, mainly because of my own need for support from other mothers. I have two beautiful children, Billy, 9 years old, and Brittany just turned 7. Through my life, 30 years, I have learned just how rough it is to be a Mom, by watching my own mother, and by becoming one. There are no instruction manuals, or RIGHT ways of doing things. Mothering is a trial and error job. Unfortunately, we don't know what actually is effective for our children until we try, and either see good results, or need to find another tactic. Either way, we always seem to get our childrens' attention! One of the main things I would like to accomplish on this site, is to be able to bring together mothers everywhere, and build a support group. I'd like to start by creating MomPal, which will couple up two mothers who will vow to support eachother as much as possible. This idea provides a more personal way of allowing YOU support, other than just coming into a website and reading. If you would like to be matched up with a MomPal, just click the link for MomPal, and fill out the form. You will then be sent an email with all the information.