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The Heart of TalkCity

Welcome friends and newcomers! I have created this page so you all can get to know the cool people that make Talk City a great place to visit! Shout a HELLO to someone you find on here.

While you're reading, choose some music from the following selections to listen to! Enjoy!

TalkCity's Lovely Ladies

TalkCity's Handsome Men

  • HAWKINS~~~This sweetie is 28 years old and lives with his wife and adorable daughter in Eugene, Oregon. To me, this man is the heart of TalkCity because of his consistent caring and concern for everyone that visits there. Please have a look at his homepage! It is very informative and fun! Features, Best sites for women, Home-schooling, Home-employment, Kids stuff, games, and the newest addition for all you Acro fans, "Team Acro"! Sign up now!
  • FOURBAGGER~~~Dan is 36 years old and in love with his wife! He lives in North Carolina where he is employed as a Media/Communications Specialist. His birthday is October 30th. Wanna see his home page. This page is a MUST see for all you fans of humor! He is a riot! Email him
  • CJMROCKER~~~Carl is 45 years old and single, ladies! He lives in Chicago, Illinois and works hard as Manager of Banking Services. His birthday is March 24th. Jot him a line at his email
  • HOBERT~~~Tom is 40 years old and in love with his live-in girlfriend. He resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he is a freelance writer. His birthday is January 6th. Go see his homepage, and email him when ya get a chance.
  • FALLDOWN~~~John is 29 years old and single! He lives in Toronto, Canada where he is employed as a Consultant. His birthday is July 27th. Hmmmm...You may want to see his homepage. Write to him at his email
  • IDEAINTHEPROCES~~~Ian is 13 years old, although most mature! He lives in San Francisco, California, where he attends school. His birthday is August 15th. Go look at his homepage. Also write him at his emailI am sorry to say that on February 10th, 1998, Ian passed away in his sleep. He was a truly remarkable child, with so much potential. It made all who knew him extremely sad. But, Ian would want there to be a positive note to this, so I will say that because of the truly special guy he was, he managed to bring together a whole chatting community in quite a family-like way. We all benefitted from knowing this young man and will keep him in our hearts always!
  • CONMAN~~~James is a 40 year old really cool guy! He lives in South Carolina where he works as a Production Planner. His birthday is May 23rd. Go check him out in room ABC, where he tends to rack all the points!
  • CHAMP~~~Alok is 24 years old and looking for love. He lives in Bombay, India, where he works as an accountant. His birthday is November 3rd. He'd love email!
  • STRAV~~~Eric is a single, 32 year old sweetheart. He lives in Ohio where he is a musician. His birthday is November 2nd. You can write him at his email
  • USLGRAD~~~Shawn is 27 years old and in love. So stay away ladies! Just kidding! He lives in Louisiana where he is employed as a Business Development Specialist. His birthday is August 28th. You can reach him at his email.
  • OSHO~~~Jayakamur is 45 years old and happily married. He lives in Madras, India. "The King's" birthday is November 30th. Let him know you were thinking of him at his email.< /FONT>
  • GEORGE2000~~~George is 40 years old and quite single. He lives in Yonkers, New York, where he dedicates his time and heart to his job as Director of Senior Programs. His birthday is May 22nd. Got to see his homepage, to see more about his job and resources for senior citizens! You can also email him.
  • ROBZOMBIE~~~Chris is 24 years old and recently seperated. He lives in San Angelo, Texas where he is employed as a Disc Jockey. His birthday is November 17th. Go see his homepage! Also write him at his email.
  • KNIGHT^~~~Arif is a single, 19 year old, "gentleman". He lives in Bombay, India where he is a student, majoring in Commerce. His birthday is June 9th. Send him an emailtoday!
  • STATEROUTE99~~~Mike is 29 years old. He lives in Lake County, Indiana, where he is working his dream job, truck driving! He is married, happily. His birthday is December 20th. Write to his email. Also, you have to see his beautiful poetry at poetry page!
  • HMGLAZ~~~Howard is 42 years old. He lives in Connecticut, where he is employed as a copy editor for a metropolitan newspaper. Talk to him, ladies, he's single! His birthday is April 26th. Jot him a line at his email.
  • POWER~~~Billy is 26 years old and looking for love. He lives in South Carolina, and is employed with Michelin Tire Corporation. His birthday is March 19th. Email him anytime!Check out his homepage! It's cool!
  • FX7~~~Scott is 27 years old. He is a single guy living in Nevada. He works nights as a convention setup shift leader. His birthday is August 24th. Wanna write, here's his email. Take a look at his homepage!
  • ^MAGUS^~~~Don is 14 years old. He lives in Michigan, where he attends highschool, in the 9th grade. "My cyber son's" birthday is November 24th. He'd love recieving email anytime! Please take a moment to see his tribute page, created in memory of our good friend.
  • MOBYDICK~~~Eric is 32 years old. He lives in the Phillipines!
  • CASEYS~~~Casey is 16 years old and lives in the eastern part of Oregon.
  • GARRY~~~Garry is 20 years old and very much in love withhis girlfriend, Nomie. He lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he is hard at work in college and doing security work. Write to him at his email

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