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Links Worth Checking Out For PARENTS

Guaranteed Credit Cards
We all need help with either repairing bad credit or establishing credit cards. This site guarantees BOTH, so you have all to gain by accessing their services!
Hearts United~A Singles Meeting Place
For all you single parents, this site guides you to finding that special someone you've been longing for.
Parent Soup
A great site for parents and parents-to-be! It contains wonderful resources, games, tips, and chats for parents.
C.A.D.D.~Chatters Against Drunk Driving
This site provides a comforting way of educating and sharing feelings on the tragedies of drunk driving.

Safe Links Just For KIDS

A great place for kids to chat, send email cards, learn, and play games. Very safe!
World Kids Network
Another well-done site for kids to do homework, chat, play games, and learn about internet safety.
All 4 Kids Greeting Cards
Kids can go here to send cards via email.
Adopt A Virtual Kitty
This is an online version of Gigapets or Tomagotchis...Kids can visit their "virtual" pet and feed it, play with it, etc.
The White House For Kids
This is a great educational tour of the White House..Kids can learn about the President and send him an email..They will recieve a return letter from the President in the mail!
Sears Story Creations
Kids can create personalized stories and print them to keep!

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