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~Heaven's Shining Stars~

Unfortunately, too many of us have lost someone dear to us due to drunk driving. Despite our loss, these people will forever be in our hearts. C.A.D.D. would like to keep their memories alive by having a candle lit next to their name on this page. Most names have a homepage dedicated to their memory by friends or family, so you can visit them by clicking onto the names. If you would like to see your friend or loved one's name on this page, please email me at with their name, birthday, day and year they passed away, and the url of a homepage dedicated to them, if any. Thank You and God bless you all.

Michael Antonini
Donette Rae Jackson 2/12/71~8/8/96
Gene Bouse 6/3/71~9/14/86
Stephany Gonzalez Scott 8/9/67~2/9/97
Scott Karl Hogg 9/1/66~2/11/92
Jonnathan David Thomas 6/17/78~10/19/97
A.J. "Jake" Penton 2/15/27~12/28/97
Pastor David Allen Caldwell 1/19/56~9/13/90
Deborah Danyle Caldwell 6/4/79~9/14/90
Phoebe Rachelle Caldwell 2/17/82~9/13/90
Jeremiah "Jai" Caldwell 9/12/83~9/14/90
Troy Alexander Stankey 5/17/86~7/4/96
Aimee Irene Ellis 9/9/77~12/13/97
Robert (Rob) William Lowy 1971-1991
Whitney Leigh Lynch 6/04/89~6/05/89
Janet West Frank 9/29/46~6/15/98
G.D West 1/18/22~6/15/98
Mattie Viola West 8/11/27~7/11/98

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